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I have included a page linked below for animal lovers, if you can possibly come away without crying after reading it
then you do not care enough about animals.

 How Could You


I like the Native Canadian story that says ......
there was a gradually dividing line between animals and humans,
just before the divide became too great, the dog jumped across and joined man.

"If a man aspires toward a righteous life,
his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals."
- Leo Tolstoy (1828 - 1910)


"There comes a time when one must take

a position that is neither safe, nor political, nor

popular, but he must take it

because his conscience tells him that it is right."

~Martin Luther King~

A dog is someone who loves you more than they love themselves ...... anonymous


A close friend who has stuck by me in good times and bad is Candy. She is an 8 year old Samoyed. This is the second Samoyed I have been buddies with, the first being Crystal. Crystal stayed with me all her life, from a puppy in 1974 to the day she passed away in 1988. Other
dogs in my life were Cindy an Alaskan Malamute who unfortunately was taken by cancer in 1989 and Rosy, the sweetest little female Rottweiler you ever saw. Rosy was also taken early by a rare form of adrenaline gland disease.

Since I have written this section Candy passed away October 1998 from heart failure. She is sincerely missed by me. All dogs deserve to go to heaven, most people don't .... I bought a little Border Collie Cross puppy in April '99 (Casey), what a smart and people friendly pup. She will take me into my 60's as my friend and I seem to be custodian of Mike's dog "Molson". He is one silly sweet dog. Update December 2003. I have been the recipient of another dog. Chico comes to me from a family that cannot take care of him any longer. He is a 1 1/2 year old Pomeranian. Cute little guy and what a personality...



Candy one of my much loved Samoyed's. Passed away October 1998

Casey_5.jpg (15335 bytes)

Jan. 02, 1999 - Dec. 09, 2011

On December 09, 2011 at 9:56 AM, Casey my beloved dog passed away peacefully. She will be missed by me forever. To play "Missing You"(copyright) that was written and composed by my friend Karl Shaw and vocals by Maryam Malak, click on Casey's picture.

Sept. 1999 - May 08, 2013

Molson, one of the sweetest dogs I have known passed away on May 08 2013 at 7:30PM in my arms. Molson lived his life very stressed and shy but did not have a mean bone in his body and was so very very loving. I was inconsolable when he passed.


Chico the Pomeranian

My beloved Chico passed away peacefully August 17, 2015 at 7:04 PM. He was so tiny compared to my other dogs.
I was so protective of him but he had attitude and was feisty. What a great guy... I loved him so...
Born July 20, 2001. 14 years 4 weeks old.





Abby is a 6 year old Long Haired Chihuahua rescued dog from a puppy mill in Taiwan. I have applied to adopt her and received the call this evening (Aug. 27 2013) that after the home visit this Saturday we are quite certain Abby will be in my forever home.

Abby now is in my home, her forever home. She is unbelievably sweet natured. How forgiving for a little dog that has been through so much. Chico has been nothing but the perfect gentleman even to the point of giving up his bed for Abby.

Abby has a stage 3 heart murmur which I were aware of before adopting her. Such a pity this little girl has an affliction after all she has already been through. I am quite prepared to deal with her special needs, but the Vet has said she is not bad enough to need any medication or medical attention, just a fairly quiet home and a low sodium diet.

I think Abby will be as good for me as I am for her. I have had a very hard time getting past Molson's death. I can now give meaning to his passing by my thoughts of his 13 years and 8 months with us and when he passed, he opened up a place for me to take in another little life to care for. If there is a dog heaven, he will be looking down and "smiling".

Abby passed away at 6:50 PM August 26th 2015

Another beloved dog has left. I am heartbroken. A tiny dear that suffered so much in her early life and was with me only two years. Her little heart gave out tonight.

Miss Daisy



If ever there was a sweet soul lost it was Daisy. Miss Daisy passed away February 25, 2015 at 5:45 PM at only 4 years old. She was afflicted with epilepsy which took her young vibrant life. Daisy had nothing but love in her heart which she insisted in letting you know by her endless kisses and ability to jump three times higher than she was tall just to reach you and greet you. She never strayed from your side as she showed her gratitude for the care and love she was given during seizures. She only ever wanted to be loved and in return she gave anyone the best friendship and loyalty you could asked for. She will be missed by her mom Sandee, her best friend Cameron and me.






On May 10 2016 We adopted another little dog, Puffin. This fellow is just 8 years old but what a life. The story as told to me was that he was found as a stray and put in a high kill shelter in Ohio at 4 years old. Somehow Loyal Rescue found out about him and got him across the border to Canada. This took place approximately June 23 2012 by the Ohio State veterinary records. He was in Fort Erie, Ontario for an undetermined time until transfered to foster care in Scarborough, Ontario. The poor little fellow had major fear issues and gives all signs of being bested and abused.

He also has some "street dog traits" that appear sometimes such as drinking out of puddles. He was adopted out twice, once returned and once taken to the Toronto Humane Society because of biting issues the same as the first return. The adoption papers state if he needs to be returned, he should go back to Loyal Rescue. Loyal Rescue "jumped through hoops" to get him released and returned to his foster Mom. She took unbelievably incredible care of him until we saw him on their web page up for adoption. Sandee and I applied but through some error in my e-mail arriving to them and a cutoff date for applications we were ignored. I even sent them a link to this page to prove we were experienced and truly loving "dog people". After not hearing from them for two weeks I placed an inquiry as to how my application was progressing. Loyal Rescue went back in their e-mail applications and found mine. They were impressed but said one other applicant was before us. I am not sure what happened to that application but we were suddenly first on their list. After some discussion there appeared to be a glitch pertaining to his foster Mom. My opinion is she had taken care of Puffin so long she did not want to give him up. A wait ensued but finally a visit was arranged to our home with Ann his foster Mom. She came and brought Puffin. What a beautiful dog and my heart went out to him knowing that he had been abused. He was wary of everyone most of all me. Wouldn't let anyone near him until Sandee gave him a few treats. Sandee and Ann took the two dogs for a walk in our neighbourhood the other being our Jack Russell Terrier. Ann inspected the property which has a fenced in backyard on a property that comprises about 1/2 acre total. Ann stated that modifications had to be made. Areas of the fencing had to be more secure and three areas had to be gated or more fencing installed. This was done and pictures sent to Ann. She agreed that we were to adopt Puffin. We met and transfered Puffin to our car (a Vibe) in a crate supplied by Ann. You could see how much Ann loved Puffin, gave so many treats, food, a toy. We signed the adoption papers and Ann left... I saw her crying. What a beautiful heart this lady has.

Well, we found out the extent of Puffin's fears and fear biting issues when we tried to get him out of his crate. He was terrified, I was bitten numerous times trying to get him out and getting his halter off. This process was a long 4 days. Treats, toys, words, nothing could calm him down. To this day I believe it was Sandee's soft feminine voice that coaxed him out. We worked with him for months to get him to be a dog again, I think it took him 6-8 months to fully trust someone. When Ann came for the home visit she worked at "selling" Puffin to us as the most lovable and lovey dog imaginable. At the time of this writing, January 08 2017, he is the most loving dog we have ever encountered. He adores his walks, petting, treats, being close to Sandee and I and has a trait I have never seen before, His "happy dance" when Sandee comes home from work, jumping from front paw to front paw or just leaping up and down wiggling and tail wagging. We are absolutely over the top in love with this dog and he us. He now has his forever home.

It is with great sadness I say puffin passed away peacefully June 09 2023 at 4 PM at 15 years 2 months.
He was the most incredible, brave, smart little dog imaginable. I write this February 24th 2024 as Up to now I cannot talk about Puffin for long without crying. He was the best friend I ever had and I got him when I retired so we spent every day together for over 7 years and traveled thousands of kilometers as my co-pilot. I picture him in the passenger seat of my truck keeping me company.

I hope your happy up in dog heaven with my other 8 dogs.

8 dogs over 50 years. Sometimes I think I cannot bear this sadness taking them to dog heaven. The pain is indescribable...


The Jack Russel, a great dog. He doesn't ask for much except to be warm which creates a problem for the old boy in winter, oh and treats of course. Out he goes in his coat, cold or snow. I blow out passages for him and Puffin in the back yard with the snowblower, you know, to do what they have to do. He snuggles into Sandee on the couch. They have been together for 15 1/2 years, me not so long. It's amazing how he lets the new Kitten snuggle into him in his bed. He is a very good Dog. Puffin on the other hand has a three foot personal space with regards to the kitten.

Sadly on Nov. 25 at 4:34 PM Miles passed away peacefully in Sandee's arms. 17 years 4 months. He will be very missed by all who loved him. He was a good dog. He is now in Dog Heaven healthy and happy with the rest of the pack.



I've never been known as a "cat person". Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against cats, it's just I've never been able to muster the same relationship with cats as dogs. Sandee has been hinting that she would like a cat for the past year (2019-2020) and lo and behold an acquaintance's friend's cat was having kittens the around the first period in July. Sandee put in for one and got her wish. The cutest little girl (Ruby). She waited till she could pick up, made sure right food, toys, play houses and play poles. Been 3 1/2 months now (Nov.). I forget what kittens can get into, climbing drapes, chewing cords, aggravating poor Puffin, he still can't get over his 3 foot rule. He's old now but I know she will be a cat soon and just snuggle Sandee, she's doing that now quite a bit.

You know there are times you are not happy, with me that is a lot, but you can be happy for someone else. I am happy for Sandee getting her kitten. She is over the top happy. Makes me smile when she play scolds Ruby, laughs at her antics. Picks her up and just holds her tight.


Little Girl

I am sure some people will not get how someone can fall in love with a
squirrel. I did. A bit of background, I have grown old now and am retired.
My great joy is to sit,, in the morning with my coffee and have my five
Chipmunks and Squirrels come for me to feed them.
I take copious pictures of them. This year we had five Squirrels join us,
Mother, Father, three siblings, two black, one silver back. To see them
chase and play amongst my Maple trees was so much fun. Feeding them
peanuts and seeds. The competition was between the Squirrels and Chipmunks.
In the Fall I noticed a little girl, which became her name, falling ill. Fur loss,
more limited movement. Sandee came up with the idea to make up crackers,
peanut butter and left over anti biotics for her. She became quite tame and
my most ardent visitor. She took to the cookies well and she started to look
better in November. What a joy for me seeing her show up mornings and in
the afternoon. My hope, with our help she would survive the winter.
I built squirrel houses for my Maple Trees and she adopted the one closest
to the porch as her home. On November the 9th, as Sandee and I were on the
front porch, what we thought was a Ferret showed up, quite tame and we thought
someones pet had escaped but it came after us and we got hoes and shovels out
of the garage to fend it off. Later we found it a weasel and was after little girl in her home.
It climbed the tree to her home and went in. After an agonizing 35-45 seconds of my
little squirrel screaming, it was silent. To my horror, the weasel pushed her dead body
out of her home and she fell the 15 feet to the ground. I quickly retrieved her body
to the front porch. I beat off the Weasel and may have given it a mortal wound as
t ran off not to be heard from again, Nov. 09 2020, as of today, Nov. 20th.

Sandee gave me one of her very fine towels to wrap little girl in, she brought a few peanuts
and the antibiotic cookie little girl had not had for the day to put in with her.
buried her in a place I believe she will never be disturbed.

I am known as mainly fearless man, a little gruff and speak my mind.
Hold feelings in but I frankly broke down sobbing over that little squirrel's death.
Not as if she is not amongst many squirrels, but she was my squirrel.
I will mourn her loss for a long time. My consolation is her two siblings come,
more timid than her, one took the house in the Maple at the end of the driveway
which warms my heart seeing him eat his fill of peanuts, hide some others and
before dark retreat to his home. Hope the others are safe.
Senile old man, no, just an old man that has always loved animals.




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