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I owned a perfectly beautiful Gold C4 Corvette. It was a factory performance Z51 optioned car.

I absolutely adored driving this car until it went to Corvette Heaven Oct. 2012 in a one car accident.

It was a vehicle that, like motorcycles, you just drive for the sake of it. You do not need a destination.


Corvint.jpg (74377 bytes)

Corvnose.jpg (69606 bytes)

Corvrear.jpg (68189 bytes)

Corvside.jpg (81687 bytes)

New goodies for the Corvette

3 inch Stainless exhaust


Now Own

Purchased Dec. 13 2012

1996 Collector Edition Convertible

Sandee and I love going to car shows and entering, long drives with the top down.



2005 Dodge Turbo Cummins diesel 2500 Ram 4X4 (Roger)
Truck came from Colorado, rust free body, K&N intake and filter, performance exhaust,
Smarty Jr tuned to 450 HP and 810 foot lbs of torque.

One very huge truck, 6700 lbs empty.
But haunted...


Will add stories of my earlier cars which include Jaguars, 56 Chevy Convertable, 56 2 seat Thunderbird, 67 Chevy Nova 2 Dr. Hard Top

and more ........

Under Construction ........


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