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Torture and Mutilation

What I have seen through videos supplied by P.E.T.A. and other websites of the unimaginable torture and mutilation of live animals including cats and dogs for their fur will haunt me for the rest of my life. Animals skinned alive so the fur is not damaged. From viewing these videos I am now working towards a ban on trade with China and boycotting Chinese products. China is a source of cheap labour for products coming in to North America. Hewitt Packard and Logitech, to name a few manufacturers, have their products made there. They ignore the abysmal Human and Animal rights by China. They ignore the fact that China steals our technology. Not even bothering to reverse engineer it, but outright clones it and sends it back to us in the form of cheap substandard goods. We have to make known to manufacturers that they could find a third world country that would work with us and would work to proper standards of Human and Animals rights. Obtain their cost effectiveness in labour, increase the standard of living in that country, but also have a humane treatment of their citizens and animals. I will do a lot more updating on this issue as time allows.


New Warning Label...Made in China


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