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As of April 01, 2016 I have moved alone to Asphodel Heights near Hastings

Will update with pictures my home on the Trent River/Rice Lake...


Lake Simcoe Home

*** Map of South Lake Simcoe Link ***


My new home by Lake Simcoe


House1.JPG (56299 bytes)

House2.JPG (84611 bytes)

My piece of rural Ontario, finally out of Toronto. Quiet, friendly, and for the most part, safe. Walking has taken on new meaning when you can go out and within minutes be at the boundaries of town, into forests. The Black River runs only a few hundred feet from my front door and I have a view of it from my kitchen window. Quite a bit of work to do, to make it unique to me, but basically "move in" condition when we bought the house. A very well built home from 1961. I cannot believe the '60's features that I love. Projects include central air conditioning this spring, new roof, repaint (white is tacky), finish the basement including 3 piece washroom and new front deck with overhang to sit in the setting sun and bask. I have the sun in the backyard all day as the house faces north. The property is almost 1/2 acre, find that in the city. More on improvements later and adventures while roving the towns and back roads of Georgina Township.

Update, had a new roof, soffit, fascia done. Central Air is installed, chimney renovated and some brickwork on the front done.

Update, installed a second washroom in the basement. No more, "are you going to be long in there, I need to go".

Further updates are the new deck and carport that are seen in the picture on the Left.

April 03, 2006

We purchased a second home across the street on the Black River.
 A true Home and Cottage in one for my son and grand daughter who live there.
How wonderful to keep our family close, my son is my best friend.
The view from the backyard over the river is breath taking.