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This is a new page for awareness of Animal Cruelty today. It will contain links to make you aware of Puppy mills, euthanasia and general inhumane treatment of animals today. This is going to be a work in progress and not very well presented until I am satisfied. Please bare with me.

Why, when we have so much human misery, do I devote myself to the eradicating of animal suffering. Because humans are responsible for themselves. We create most all human suffering with our petty quarrels over religion, land and money. We are also only custodians of this world, it was here long before we arrived and will be here long after we are gone. We treat the world as if we are the masters of it and the world is here, in it's entirety, for our consumption and disposal. We destroy the environment, the plant life and animals with our quest for wealth, power and comfort. One of the greediest things man does is the abuse and torture of animals for money. Puppy mills are the extreme example of that. Please go to the links below and see descriptions, for yourselves, how the scum of the earth make a living. Please do something to assist those people in the organizations listed to help make a better world. They donate so much and just a little help from you can mean they can continue to do their incredible work. You will not believe how good you will feel about yourself.


Please Read "Let Me Play Once"



Please read, a letter from Suzie at Home Pet Care


I was doing some research on the internet and I found your website and this page: http://www.bluesguitars.ca/Animal Awareness.htm

It's always nice to see someone stand up for voiceless shelter animals. It's awesome that you linked to a Pet Adoption website: ontariospca.ca

Shelter pets around the nation are wagging their tails in thanks, and so are we! ;)

You're hearing from me right now because a few short months ago, we polled 200 shelters and rescues. With these interviews under our belt, we have created the best possible content, precisely because it was written based on the experience of over 200 professionals in this field. With the best possible content comes the best possible help for these animals that so desperately need the RIGHT person to take them home.

Since learning which topics are in demand, we created a series of 12 blog posts that cover hot topics. Such topics include tips for taking care of a new pet, the most common adoption myths (and there are many), and things to consider before adopting.


Frozen Dogs

This story just broke my heart and I will never forget it. I will remember this for the rest of my life... This mother dog was obviously trying to protect her new born babies from the cold by her obvious attempt to block the door...

This morning, Donna was out checking for any cold strays who needed help and had someone with her on a ride-along. She stopped on the side of the road when she saw a doghouse, sitting in the middle of nowhere. She walked up to the doghouse, and saw straw sticking out of the front. Dread and heaviness filled her when she realized the doghouse was not empty. It hurts us to even type these words. Inside was a beautiful white dog with a collar, frozen to death. With her were newborn puppies, all also frozen to death.
Together, they lifted the entire doghouse into the jeep. They brought the whole family back to Stray Rescue so we can have them cremated and at least give them dignity in death. It's obvious the doghouse was dumped here, as it is nowhere near any houses or property. We are so sorry to give you this horrific and sickening news, but this is reality. This is why we beg people to bring their pets in during these dangerous and deadly temperatures. Even if you have to put them in your basement - do it. They will not survive in these temperatures. Please. So we don't have gut wrenching mornings like this. Doghouses and straw are NOT ENOUGH WHEN IT'S THIS COLD.
BRING YOUR PETS INSIDE. They are suffering. ?



I'm hoping you wouldn't mind adding a link to this article. I know you have so kindly linked to other Pet Adoption websites in the past: ontariospca.ca

Here is the link to the article:

The cost is nothing, but the benefit is immeasurable. You can help inform and educate people about the benefits of adopting.



Canadian Federation of Humane Societies


Ontario Humane Society http://ontariospca.ca/
Animal Rescue Foundation of Ontario http://www.arfontario.com/index.asp
Wonderful Canadian Animal Welfare and Puppy Mill information site http://www.nopuppymillscanada.ca/home_page_2.htm
Puppy Mill Rescue (USA) http://www.puppymillrescue.com/

Graphic Descriptions and Video of what humans are doing to our animal friends


Assistance and Information Organization against Puppy Mills

Animal Legal Defense Fund (USA) http://www.aldf.org/index.php
Investigative and Animal Welfare Organization (USA) http://www.lcanimal.org/
Out to Pasture Farm and Rescue http://www.outtopasture.org

More sites of animal interest

Jim Willis, Animal Lover Extraordinaire

    Saving Our Wildlife and Habitat

   Rescuing Animal Victims of Disaster

   Volunteer Pilots Assisting in Transporting Animals

Good Advice for pet owners or thinking of getting a pet. Link supplied by a viewer Justine ...

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