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1964 Fender Super Reverb

I restored this amp in 2006. It was one of those finds by pure accident at a Gypsy roving flea market. The urban myth, the Holy Grail find, it was bought for $40.00. This poor amp had been chopped down to a head. No cabinet, no speakers. This is a short pictorial from how I found it to the finished product. That $40.00 plus another $1200.00  in parts got it from where it was to where it is today. The great thing about this amp is when it was finished then played it truly is the Holy Grail sound. This amp just smokes. Pure sweet vintage Fender sound. Sounds like amp heaven using humbuckers or single coils.

Original Parts:

The amplifier itself (chassis)

Reverb tank

Amp chassis straps

Fender Underline Logo

Speaker Jack


Reproduction Parts:

Mojo Cabinet

Fender Tilt legs


Reverb cables
Foot Switch

Sundry bits and pieces to finish

Mojo reproduction speaker wire and spider


Non Original correct parts:

Set of Fender Super Reverb CTS Alnico speakers (1974 date code)


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