For Sandee


What does not kill us makes us stronger. I hope I can be a better man for you. We started today with wonderment if "the healing" can take place. I hope so. I know in my heart I am so in love with you. I am a tortured soul Sandee, I never have peace. You gave me two gifts last Saturday and Sunday morning. Yourself and for a short while in the middle of the night, I lay on my elbow, looking at you sleeping. Your wild hair jumbled and so sexy, your arm crooked over your head, so beautiful. I lay down and pressed my whole body tight to yours, I cupped your breast and put my head close to yours. For a short while before I fell asleep like that, I was at peace. No stress, no mind travelling at 1000 miles per hour, no sadness, just peace. Your two gifts to me.

Link to Allman Brothers 7 Turns