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1971 Gretsch Country Gentleman Restoration

It's getting a little hard to afford the high end guitars anymore so as with the '64 Super Reverb amp, I acquired a "project Gretsch". Gretsch's like the '71 Country Gentleman are selling for over $3000.00 these days and climbing.

Here is where I am going to document the restoration of this fine instrument.


This is how I found the Gretsch in Tennessee...

No hardware whatsoever, but a great neck, ebony fingerboard,
and a really great finish.

The search is on

for all the goodies to restore "buddy" to his

former glory...

To date, all wood work repairs done...

--Hardware obtained--
Original Grover tuners
Gretsch Bigsby Vibrato
Strap knobs
YES! Chet Atkins signed pick guard
Ebony Gretsch tunematic bridge
Complete original wire harness with switches and knobs
Gretsch "Cowboy case" (new)

Needed -pickups, surrounds, replace binding

Update, found a music shop to replace the binding. We concluded Rod would do all the final restoration and give me back a complete "like new' Gretsch

Below is Get Rhythm, Rod's shop doing the final restoration of the Gretsch. Note TV Jones Classic Pick Ups and signed Chet Atkins Pick Guard



This is what my Gretsch now looks like done.




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