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"If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want

 to go where they went". - Will Rogers


Kirk at Folk Concert

Kirk is a Guitarist. I started playing in 1959 , played in bands in the '60's with all those great tube amps, Harmony and Gibson guitars. Played acousically in the '70's. Then in 1980 had gotten into electric's and amps again after 12 years of playing mostly acoustics. I had a 1972 Les Paul Deluxe and Fender Sidekick 65 and really hated the sound. In 1989 I discovered a newly started guitar store by a chap named Dave Duval. After becoming a 'regular' hang-a-round, I discovered (again) Vintage Guitars and Tube Amps. I found my electric sound. I played in such wonderful bands as the Pallbearers and Kingsmen (not Louie Louie) and had Tube Amps, but offed them for those new transistor ones in the 70's. There went the 'sound' I have now managed to obtain a nice collection of Fender, Gibson, Martin, Gretsch and more Guitars as well as Fender, Marshall, Traynor, Musicman and Matchless amps but my one love is pedals. Through Dave's store I have managed to find Clyde McCoy Wah, Mu-tron, Dallas Arbiter pedals and specialize in 9 series and 3 digit series Ibanez pedals. Yes TS9, SD9 etc. as well as the TS808 et al. I am an elitist, I admit and only abide made in America Guitars and Amps. In collecting instruments I have found that some of the nicest people around are afflicted with the same compulsion which makes this hobby a lot of fun. If you collect pedals, I would love to hear from you, and I always say older is always better. The picture left was taken at a folk concert I did in the seventies in Southern Ontario. The guitar is a Martin D35 which my wife purchased new for me on my birthday, I still own this guitar today and it is in mint condition. I realized the value of the guitar back then and took great care of it over the years. The purchase price was $696.00 including the Martin case. In May of 2006, I found that the binding on the D35 has started to separate after 34 years. I contacted Martin, who checked their records and found my warranty registration sent to them. They instructed me to take the D35 to my nearest Martin repair centre to repair the binding under their lifetime warranty. Seems there still are quality companies these days and always remember...send in those warranty cards.

Well, I started writing this website in 1999. It was an exercise in learning to write HTML code for Dave Duvall's Encore Music Exchange Guitar store. I wrote his site and looked at my two pages of code. Why waste it and 21 years later it's still here but much expanded. I was 49 back then. 70 now and getting old. Wonder how much longer this website is going to still be going. It was my FaceBook before FaceBook. Have gotten lazy now and use Adobe Dreamweaver to edit it. Don't need to learn code anymore, just want to get it done. Added a lot today (Nov. 18, 2020). Regards, Kirk...


"Use what talents you have, the woods would have little music if
no birds sang their song except those who sang best."
   -- Reverend Oliver G. Wilson

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plus the restoration of my 1964 Fender Super Reverb and 1971 Gretsch Country Gentleman on my gear page  


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